Free NGO websites from Free MLM

Free MLM – the new Bulgarian company specializing in direct sales, is offering free websites for all NGOs worldwide!

Despite the fact that generally, Free MLM sells websites, we are giving away NGO websites for free! We created this offer especially for non-governmental organizations to support the civil societies in different countries.

Claim your free NGO website by contacting us now!

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Donation system in free NGO websites

There is one more great thing about the free NGO websites that we offer – they come with built-in donation system. This is how it works:

Every NGO with a free website from Free MLM can promote the company by spreading the word about our websites. In return Free MLM will give a bigger % of its earnings to that NGO than to its other representatives – because we know in every NGO supporting great causes and ideas money can never be enough. :)

Free MLM and free NGO websites